Cybersecurity Attestation Services - Building trust in your cybersecurity risk management program

An increasing focus on cybersecurity risk management with a cybersecurity reporting framework

As high profile cyber attacks become more common, executive management teams are becoming increasingly concerned. In order to exercise their fiduciary duty, boards need to have confidence that the organization has a “defensible” cybersecurity risk management program in place. Other stakeholders such as management, investors, regulators and potentially customers are seeking greater transparency in order to gain a deeper understanding of an organization’s cybersecurity risk management program.

To address this need, the AICPA has issued a reporting framework and related guidance through which organizations can communicate relevant information to key stakeholders. PwC works with organizations across all industries to determine the appropriate path for providing the assurance their stakeholders demand.

Upping the game on your cybersecurity risk management program

Our cybersecurity professionals can:

  • Perform a readiness assessment against a defined cybersecurity framework (e.g., the applicable revised trust services criteria, the NIST CSF, etc.) to provide management with observations and recommendations to enhance their cybersecurity risk management program and prepare for future cybersecurity attestation reporting.
  • Perform cybersecurity attestation reporting, which can be provided to key stakeholders.

Reaping the benefits of an effective cybersecurity risk management program 

Cybersecurity Attestation reporting can benefit organizations by:

  • Providing independent assurance reporting based on a defined cybersecurity framework (e.g., the NIST Cybersecurity Framework).
  • Providing transparency to various stakeholders, including the Board, management, customers, business partners and regulators.
  • Enhancing brand and reputation.
  • Reducing the costs associated with communication and compliance.

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