Code Assurance Services

Providing assurance over custom-developed software applications 

Is your software doing what it’s supposed to? Is it performing accurately and efficiently? Are your developers following your standards? Are you getting your money’s worth? If you answered yes, are you sure?

To meet complex business needs and control proprietary information, businesses are increasingly turning to in-house developed software applications. In an effort to get these applications into production quickly, however, they are often developed and deployed without the rigor and discipline of standard systems development life cycle (SDLC) processes. Use cases may not be thorough (or even exist at all), development standards could be violated, object-oriented programming concepts may be weakly implemented, open source code may be improperly used and attributed, and corners may have been cut on implementing automated application controls. 

As these unique and specialized applications are becoming more prevalent across all industries, and are becoming key to companies’ revenue models or financial systems, businesses are looking to third parties to provide insight into the accuracy, suitability, security and code efficiency of these software systems. Confirming that your software applications are doing what they are supposed to do, and doing it efficiently and securely, could be key to your company’s profitability and approach to internal control over financial reporting.

Improving the quality of code and data

The development and implementation of software can be time consuming and expensive. During the process, several concerns may surface about the software’s efficiency, effectiveness, and security. PwC’s Code Assurance Services can help evaluate your application code to conclude its intended purpose is being met and improve overall quality by identifying any mistakes or issues overlooked during development or ongoing maintenance.

By performing application or system code assessments, we can identify potential vulnerabilities and defects found in your software, thereby enhancing software security capabilities, increasing processing efficiency, improving readability of code, preventing the loss of important data, protecting company brand and reputation, and ultimately reducing expenses.

We can help you:

  • Achieve significant cost savings through identification of software vulnerabilities and inefficiencies.
  • Enhance your brand and reputation as a result of improved data security recommendations.
  • Improve software functionality and business rule documentation as software defects and mistakes are fixed.
  • Remediate documentation deficiencies by fully documenting your system and data model.
  • PwC can support major development language and database platform, including:
    • Java, C, C++, SQL, Visual C++, Xcode (Objective C, Swift), C#, Visual Basic, PHP, ASP, Python, Go, Ruby, Groovy, HTML5, Javascript, COBOL, Assembler, Powerbuilder.
    • SQL Server, Sybase, Oracle, Mongo, MySQL, SQLite, iOS Core Data.

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