Future of reporting

Reporting with impact and confidence with targeted communications delivered consistently across channels and backed with a foundation of information management.


In today's business environment, investors are demanding more and better information. Increasingly, they want consistent, high quality information that outlines a strategic plan for long-term value creation. Meanwhile, other stakeholders, including customers, regulators and NGOs, are also demanding more transparency.   

Our insights for today’s business leaders

There are a few steps companies can take to help prepare accurately and effectively for the future of reporting:

  1. Review the consistency of existing non-financial disclosures across communication channels.
  2. Review the most recent standards, guidance and investor research to identify areas to expand your disclosures.
  3. Develop a clear understanding of the maturity of your data collection - from the factory floor to the enterprise consolidation level and make sure your level of maturity is aligned with your stakeholder’s level of reliance.
  4. Leverage the latest digital and analytical tools to increase the impact of your stakeholder engagement - through targeted, interactive communications in the channels most relevant for your key stakeholders.

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What you should know about Implementing Integrated Reporting

How PwC can help

We help companies understand where they have value at stake, define their strategy and key performance indicators (KPIs) and support the strategy with systems and processes to deliver investment grade data and business intelligence as well as a fluid communication approach to reach multiple audiences across digital channels.

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