Needle in the haystack: Monitoring vendor networks through supply chain risk analytics

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July 2016


Many companies perform due diligence on their direct vendors, but there is an increasing need to extend this oversight to their full supply chain. Regulatory violations by indirect vendors can entail severe regulatory and reputational consequences. Meanwhile, regulators across the world are escalating enforcement of supply chain-related regulations as high-profile media reports continue to expose illegal activities hidden in complex supply chains. Advanced data analytics and visualization capabilities can help companies continuously monitor for instances of vendor-related noncompliance and produce real-time risk reporting, allowing them to address vulnerabilities in their supply chains.


Secondary and tertiary suppliers can present regulatory and reputational risk in your supply chain

As global supply chains increase in complexity, legacy methods of monitoring vendors are no longer adequate. This paper explores:

  • The importance of monitoring the extended vendor network
  • Supply chain-related regulations across the world and the growing focus on leadership and board accountability
  • Advanced data analytics tools that provide continuous monitoring of the vendor network, allowing companies to detect and remediate vendor-related risks.

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