Fostering a risk-resilient approach for new administration changes


The impact of the new administration’s reforms and legislative actions are not yet understood. Regulatory rollback, trade and immigration policy updates, healthcare reform, and infrastructure upgrades will have lasting impact across industries and organizations.

Company executives should consider practical actions to best position the organization’s ability to evolve its business priorities and execute on its strategic objectives given these uncertainties.

By creating an environment where a risk strategy is incorporated through key lines of defense, organizations can capture the benefits and minimize the business disruptions of policy changes. 

Evolving for a changing risk universe

Risk professionals should be prepared to provide perspective and support around the five key business areas most likely to be affected by the administration’s tone, priorities, and policy shifts.

They can play a huge role in building momentum toward a kind of organizational resilience that is capable of mitigating both administration-associated risks and other disruptive challenges. 

How we can help

Changes and disruptions are impacting risk profiles across the organization. PwC’s Risk Assurance practice takes a holistic approach to risk management by turning it into a strategic asset to drive business performance. Whatever the change is PwC can help companies gain valuable insight to make informed decisions.

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