Strengthening public trust in law enforcement

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Improving effectiveness and accountability through data analytics

Law enforcement agencies are continually looking for opportunities to help strengthen public trust within the communities they serve. To do that, leading agencies are applying data mining and analytics to better understand public sentiment, identify unfulfilled community needs, and monitor police performance metrics and effectiveness.

Applying data analytics and social sentiment analysis

Layering data analytics and social sentiment analysis with existing police data can enable law enforcement agencies to:

  • Derive insights through social media and historic data to identify trends by geography. 
  • Gain a better understanding of crime and disorder by obtaining community perspectives that provide clues to activities undermining quality of life. 
  • Improve policing outcomes by developing predictive analytics that could reduce crime and disorder by helping to solve issues before they become entrenched crime problems. 
  • Facilitate data sharing between key stakeholders, both public and private, aiding collaborative problem solving between police and other social service/support entities.


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