Electronic Health Record (EHR) risk and controls – Gain control of your EHR risks to deliver quality care

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Driving focus on EHR efficiency

Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems are helping healthcare organizations increase efficiency and quality of care.  However, the growing reliance on technology to track patient information–from scheduling appointments and care delivery, to post-visit follow up, billing and payment–has also introduced new risks for healthcare providers.

EHR implementations involve major technology and process change across most parts of healthcare organizations. From admission to discharge, a patient’s record can be touched by more than 100 different operational, clinical, financial, and management personnel. Too often, a focus on getting the EHR system installed on time and on budget can result in a lack of focus on the importance of controls.

Without a focused look at EHR system risks and controls, healthcare organizations could:

  • Compromise care delivery and patient safety
  • Disclose patient information unnecessarily
  • Reduce physician productivity and patient satisfaction
  • Fail to meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Introduce errors or potential material weaknesses in financial reporting 

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Leveraging technology to manage risks in health care: PwC Risk Assurance Health Solutions 

PwC’s Enterprise Systems Solutions risk and controls professionals can help you gain control of your EHR risk.

Whether you are making the decision to implement an EHR system or currently have one, PwC’s understanding of EHR-related risks can help you:

  • Define the right risk universe and related controls for your organization
  • Mine patient safety data to identify root causes of inadequate care delivery
  • Support financial statements integrity through enhanced internal controls
  • Create dashboards to monitor controls

At PwC we understand the EHR risk universe and have extensive industry experience to promote strong control configurations and ongoing monitoring processes. We bring a library of risk and control capabilities that reduce the investment required to establish an effective and sustainable EHR control environment, all while striking the right balance to achieve your controls objectives without adding administrative burdens.


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