Digital Risk Solutions

Predict, identify and master risk through digital solutions and actionable insights

Digital transformation creates new and amplified risks, many of which stem from human intention or behavior. PwC’s Digital Risk Solutions helps organizations understand how human interactions manifest in digital outcomes, identify potential threats and better predict risk. We provide leading-edge systems, software, data analytics, automation and controls expertise to help organizations gain a higher return on investment from enterprise technologies through risk mitigation, streamlined processes and new cross-platform systems interaction. With actionable insights and a comprehensive view of risks, organizations can stay ahead of threats and build confidence and trust in the business at scale.

Striking the balance between innovation, effective risk management and accelerated growth

To compete and survive in today’s global economy, you need to leverage digital technologies to develop and produce new products and services, drive them to market, service business partners and run your business. This will allow you to be more agile, more efficient and more responsive. But change isn't easy. According to successful CEOs and risk executives:

Sources: PwC’s 21st CEO Survey and PwC’s 2018 Risk, Internal Audit & Compliance Survey

The evolution of digital and technology risk

In addition to changing company and market dynamics, the digital revolution also changes the concept of digital and technology risk. As you embark or continue on your digital journey, ask yourself:

  • How do you know your systems are doing what management expected?
  • Can your auditors trust the output?
  • Are there plans for continuous monitoring and auditing?
  • Is your intellectual property and sensitive data secure?
  • How do you intend to efficiently address and further reduce your cost of compliance?
  • Are you taking a data-driven approach to compliance and risk decisions, or do you find yourself relying on business-expert judgment?

Leverage enterprise technologies and data for a higher return on investment and mitigation of risk

PwC’s Digital Risk Solutions practice delivers digital capabilities and solutions focused on optimizing your investments in digital assets and proactively managing risk. Through our distinctive Center of Excellence (COE), we accelerate innovation of next-gen solutions delivery. We bring leading-edge systems, software, data analytics and controls expertise to help drive effective technology implementations and ongoing operational efficiencies. We help organizations to leverage enterprise technologies and data for higher return on investment and mitigation of risks, while streamlining processes, finding new opportunities at the crossroads of cross-platform systems interaction and harnessing data to monitor and prioritize threats.


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Scott Greenfield

Digital Risk Solutions Leader, PwC US