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Risk assurance

Assuring confidence in controls, systems and processes drives business forward. Today’s threats are tomorrow’s advantage. See how we’re transforming risk into confidence.

Mastered, not feared: rethinking the role of risk

Imagine turning threats into advantages. Mastering risk builds confidence in business and creates societal trust. PwC has more than 4,000 US and 12,000 global risk assurance professionals who seamlessly combine cross-functional expertise and cutting-edge analytics to provide instant visibility into risks. This means that businesses can quickly grasp them, act on them and turn the next threat into an advantage.

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Digital transformation

What are the benefits of digitally fit risk functions? How are these groups helping stakeholders make smarter risk decisions?

Risk in Review Study

Organizations are rapidly rolling out digital initiatives. How can risk functions help their organizations successfully move those initiatives forward? When risk functions are digitally fit, the benefits an organization receives multiply in the forms of faster progress and greater-than-anticipated payoffs on digital technology investments and smarter risk taking. And that makes risk functions not only valuable but also vital to an organization’s digital success. Learn more about how risk functions can increase their digital fitness.

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State of the Internal Audit Profession Study

Digital rollouts heighten risks beyond the technology itself. Internal audit functions need the dexterity, the knowledge and the skills to provide advice and strategic assurance at the pace their organizations are moving in this new digital arena.

Digitally fit internal audit functions are far more effective at helping their stakeholders become smarter risk takers throughout digital transformation. Learn more about how internal audit functions can increase their digital fitness.

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State of Compliance Study

As organizations move through digital transformation, digitally fit compliance and ethics programs can help leaders make better decisions and take smarter risks. They can help stakeholders anticipate forthcoming regulatory changes, identify regulatory compliance risk early during digital initiatives, avoid the potentially catastrophic costs of noncompliance and create competitive advantage for their organizations. Learn more about how compliance functions can increase their digital fitness.

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The six habits of digitally fit risk functions

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PwC's Risk Summit

At the PwC 2019 Risk Summit, experts in risk management, data, and analytics discussed ways in which market leaders are becoming smarter risk takers through data and analytics, riding the waves of technology trends and digital transformation.

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Investing in research to develop next-generation solutions

In February 2018, the Carnegie Mellon University Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center opened its doors. Sponsored by PwC, the center's goal is to encourage students to develop smart, tech-driven solutions that can address current business challenges. Through research, we are helping to create real progress in the spaces of regulatory technology (RegTech), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and Safe Neighborhoods. Read more about the progress we’ve made and what’s still to come.


The Carnegie Mellon University Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center sponsored by PwC advances how businesses and organizations use technology to solve organization-wide issues and address compliance requirements. The Center supports education and research in critical areas such as information privacy and security, audit innovation and data analytics to address risk, regulatory and compliance challenges. 

Jason Pett

Risk Assurance Leader, PwC US


Todd Bialick

Process Assurance and Trust and Transparency Solutions Leader, PwC US


Scott Greenfield

Digital Risk Solutions Leader, PwC US


Mike Maali

Internal Audit, Compliance & Risk Management Solutions Leader, PwC US