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Risk Assurance

Assuring confidence in controls, systems and processes drives business forward. Today’s threats are tomorrow’s advantage. See how we’re transforming risk into confidence.

Mastered, not feared: Rethinking the role of risk

Imagine turning threats into advantages. Mastering risk builds confidence in business and creates societal trust. PwC’s more than 4,000 US and 12,000 global risk assurance professionals seamlessly combine cross-functional expertise and cutting-edge analytics to provide instant visibility into risks. That way, businesses can quickly grasp them, act on them and turn the next threat into an advantage.

Innovation and new technologies

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Our thought leadership series: Risk in Review, State of the Internal Audit Profession and State of Compliance.
Learn about the six habits fueling smarter risk taking in digital transformations.

How risk, compliance and internal audit are seizing opportunity from their known and unknown risks according to PwC’s 2018 Global Risk, Internal Audit and Compliance Survey.

State of Compliance Study

The business risk landscape continues to evolve and has challenged the compliance and ethics efforts of organizations worldwide.

Leading compliance and ethics organizations are prioritizing cultural impact and embracing technology to increase their effectiveness. Is your program keeping up with the changing landscape?


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Risk in Review Study

Innovation is up as new ways of working and living take hold. Top initiatives cluster around new technologies. Organizations are implementing new technologies to improve existing products, services and experiences or to create new ones altogether. The innovative activity cited third-most by respondents in our annual Risk in Review survey is ‘changing our talent model’, suggesting that businesses are finally prioritizing how employees adjust to the digital world.

But innovation brings increased risk. How are risk leaders responding? What should risk professionals change? How can risk management underpin growth? Learn more in our 2018 Risk in Review Study.

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State of the Internal Audit Profession Study

What can your internal audit function be doing to fast-track their technology and talent capabilities to keep pace with change?

Emerging technologies are changing how we do business, go to market and manage risk. For internal audit to continue to create value for its stakeholders, it needs to stay current on what technology innovations mean to their organization.

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Investing in research to develop next-generation solutions

A year has passed since the doors opened on the Carnegie Mellon University Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center sponsored by PwC with the goal of encouraging students to develop smart, tech-driven solutions to address today’s business challenges. Through research, we are helping to create real progress in the spaces of regulatory technology (RegTech), the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and Safe Neighborhoods. Read more about the progress we’ve made and what’s still to come. 

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The Carnegie Mellon University Risk and Regulatory Services Innovation Center sponsored by PwC advances how businesses and organizations use technology to solve organization-wide issues and address compliance requirements. The Center supports education and research in critical areas such as information privacy and security, audit innovation and data analytics to address risk, regulatory and compliance challenges. 

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