Inbound services: Spain business network (SBN)

Building bridges between businesses in Spain and the United States.

PwC's Spain business network assists companies with expanding their international footprint. If you’re thinking about investing—or already have invested—in the United States or Spain, SBN's bicultural, bilingual advisors can help you navigate regulatory, language, cultural and other business challenges. Backed by our global team of trusted service providers, we can also work with your organization to manage assurance, tax and advisory issues, such as mergers & acquisitions, due diligence, valuations and investment exit strategies.

Why invest in the United States?

Spain is one of the largest investors and one of the fastest growing sources of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the United States. With its large consumer base, America has an estimated 41 million native Spanish speakers living in the country and another 11.6 million bilingual speakers, many of whom are the children of Spanish-speaking immigrants. Access to capital markets and a stable legal environment are among many advantages the United States offers to international investors.

Why invest in Spain?

US companies are some of Spain’s largest foreign investors. The country continues to rebound from its 2013 recession and evolve rapidly, creating a complex business environment for companies around the globe. Spain has generated 36.6% of all the employment created in the Euro Area since 2014. The nation also has one of the most attractive domestic markets in Europe, with 46 million potential consumers as well as 60 million tourists who visit the country annually. The Spanish economy is the world's 13th largest in terms of GDP and the 5th largest in the European Union.

Our services to businesses investing in the US

PwC's advisors have extensive experience working in the United States and around the globe. As you consider markets to enter, we'll help you calculate efforts and costs realistically and adapt approaches to local circumstances, including working conditions, communication styles and processes. Contact us today about any of our three main service areas: deals and consulting, cross-border tax services, and audit and assurance.

Deals and consulting

Market entry strategy and assessment

M&A due diligence, execution and integration

Valuation services (business combinations, fair value measurements)

Capital project management and delivery

HR strategy and shared services advisory

Corporate compliance, fraud and FCPA consulting

Supply chain and operations consulting

IT system strategy/development and IT support

Forensic services (investigation of fraud, economic crimes, and disputes)

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Tax services

  • Acquisitions and dispositions

Evaluate the US tax implications of US inbound acquisitions and dispositions designed to implement key initiatives

  • Business and tax alignment

Align cross-border business and tax objectives

  • Compliance

Address compliance requirements with respect to US federal and state tax laws, and hot topic areas such as transfer pricing and FATCA

  • Income tax provision and uncertain tax position analysis
  • Individual income and payroll taxes
  • US income tax treaties and competent authority

Determine the applicability and desirability of obtaining the benefits of US tax treaties in the context of cross-border financing and investment, international mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions

  • US tax benefits

Consider federal and state tax benefits, including credits and incentives available to US inbound companies

  • Legislative and regulatory services

Monitor real-time developments on fast-moving US federal and state legislative and regulatory developments

  • IRS audit support

Respond to IRS and state revenue services’ challenges, including proper characterization of US inbound financings as debt vs. equity.

  • US trade

Navigating the US customs and tariffs regimes.


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Audit and assurance

Audit and assurance reviews

Audit on internal control over financial reporting (J-SoX)

Accounting and regulatory advisory

Internal controls assessments

Reporting standards conversion (GAAP/CAS/IFRS)

Cost reduction/efficiency improvement reviews

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