How workforce strategy can help organizations today, tomorrow, and beyond

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Executives, business leaders, and human resource professionals representing the finance, technology and healthcare industries joined Bhushan Sethi and Julia Lamm to discuss the future of work, and how a proactive approach to managing workforce strategy can help organizations stay competitive and achieve their business objectives.

Throughout the webcast, participants responded to polling questions as Bhushan and Julia provided insights on the future of work.

Rethinking the worlds of work

Organizations need to think about the world of work: what their world looks like now, what it will look like in the future, and how to get there.

To explore this topic, Bhushan Sethi introduced the concept of the four worlds of work; possibilities for what our working world can look like in the next 15 years: 

  1. Humans come first: social-first and community businesses prosper.
  2. Innovation rules: organizations and individuals race to give consumers what they want.
  3. Companies care: social responsibility and trust dominate the corporate agenda. 
  4. Corporate is king: big company capitalism rules. 

After reviewing the yellow, green, red and blue worlds, the audience was asked two polling questions: which upcoming trend in the future of work their organization is already investing in, and which trend do they expect their organization to invest in within the next five years.

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