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The nature of HR is changing. What will it stand for tomorrow?

Meet the workforce challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly digital world.

Tremendous forces are radically reshaping the workplace and the way we work. AI, robots and other technologies are disrupting jobs, redefining and changing the skills that organizations need in their people.

Understanding which tasks to automate and which tasks will always require human skill is critical. How do you attract, retain and upskill your talent to prepare for a future in which job functions and requisite skills will change? The answer is to develop a roadmap for change that is focused on digitally upskilling your people, and to bring the strength of digital tools to support your support your people and the organization's overall strategy.

In PwC's 2020 CEO survey, respondents cite a critical skills shortage as a top threat to business growth prospects. Leading organizations are focused on developing a roadmap for workforce strategy that addresses challenges including:

  • Upskilling professionals to work with AI
  • Improving diversity and inclusion
  • Managing the risk associated with the gig workforce

Inside each of these challenges is an opportunity to redefine and reinvigorate the performance of your organization through the way works gets done. Let us show you what is possible.

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Carrie  Duarte

Carrie Duarte

Workforce of the Future Leader, PwC US

Bhushan Sethi

Bhushan Sethi

Principal, Joint Global Leader, People and Organization, PwC US

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