Talent Innovation

PwC’s Talent Innovation transforms previously silo’ed processes into a unified talent ecosystem built to advance your business strategy.


Executives who boldly transform their company’s talent operations to be as innovative as their business strategy see dramatic, measurable improvements in their company’s performance and ability to accelerate growth. By viewing their people as assets on their balance sheet, and by aligning business goals with the talent strategy needed to achieve them, companies can see 75% higher revenue growth, 77% better strategy implementation and 85% stronger financial performance overall (PwC, Project Management Institute, Talent Management - State of the Market, Nov. 2014). They also attract and retain employees not just as bright new hires but as future leaders.


Talent Innovation rethinks and transforms previously silo’ed processes into a unified talent ecosystem, integrating designs to create a whole greater than the sum of each part--ultimately built to advance your business strategy,  accelerate business performance, and cultivate a modern workforce that’s diverse, engaged, and delivering on your goals.

With today’s ever-shifting market forces and the battle for talent proving fiercer than ever, the time for talent innovation is now. Innovating your talent strategy to fuel your business priorities can drive measurable performance gains at every stage of execution including:

  • 70% improved process turnaround times
  • 30+% lower turnover
  • 20% improved productivity
  • 15-25% HR operations savings
  • 30% uptick in innovation ideas

PwC’s multi-competency approach, coupled with deep industry expertise, means we think through the implications of your talent strategy across your entire business. Our innovative people solutions, demonstrated by our own successful talent transformation here at PwC, are grounded in rigorous data analysis and enable lasting, differentiated value and the power for growth.

What is your business strategy?

Growth Goal

You want to grow revenue. Whether that means increasing market share at home, entering new global markets or attracting new customer segments, you need a high-performing, agile workforce that can drive new growth opportunities. You need a flexible, scalable operating model. You need people who are engaged, empowered, innovative...and committed to achieving your growth objectives.

What we do

We help you align your talent strategy with your business strategy, so you can achieve your goal. The result: you have the right people with the right skills, in the right places at the right times to identify, pursue and seize strategic growth opportunities for your organization.

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Innovation Goal

You want to be first to market, best in the market, creator of new markets. No matter what your innovation goal, you need to organize and mobilize your people around your innovation objective. You need to create a diverse culture of creativity and collaboration to rapidly develop, build, test and revise the big ideas – so they can become the next big thing.

What we do

We help you reinvent your talent strategy and practices to create an innovation workforce. The result: you can attract and retain the highest-performing talent with the capability and desire to disrupt and dream up what’s next – so you can achieve your innovation goal.

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Transformation Goal

You want to transform your organization to drive business performance. The key to your success: your people. You need to assemble a cross-organizational team of leaders to realign your talent strategy to address the shifting need of your business. You need to educate, inspire and engage your people through innovative, executive-led change management and communications programs…to drive the kind of transformational change that will fuel innovation, growth and market advantage.

What we do

We help you architect your organization’s new future with a fresh approach to talent that drives your transformation goal. The result: you usher your people through a smooth transition – the same people who will then think and act in new ways to fuel overall business performance for your organization.

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Engagement Goal

You want to create a culture of engagement to fuel top performance and profitability. This means you must deliver attractive, authentic, consistent brand experiences to both your customers and your people. That's when you will build the kind of brand loyalty that will drive growth and propel your business forward.

What we do

We help you align your talent brand and customer brand to build and sustain lasting, emotional connections. The result: you will be able to engage and empower your employees, who will want to bring your brand to life by delivering a great customer experience. Your customers, like your people, will then become loyal advocates who trust in – and spread the word about – your brand experience.

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