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As organizations deal with a fast-transforming business environment, they’re looking to deals to find the right talented people, technology and ideas to drive innovation and power-up growth. Deals can be a complex process—failure to secure talent can vastly diminish value—and pensions risk is important to value during the process. Leaner HR structures within organizations create the need for flexible HR professionals that can step in to support you throughout the deal process and beyond, to ensure you’re achieving your corporate objectives.

"Mergers and acquisitions are key strategic tools that enable organizations to stay ahead in today's complex and highly competitive global market."

Steve Rimmer, Global People in Deals Leader

Do you understand the costs and risk of the human capital involved in your acquisition? Are you clear how human capital issues could impact the price of your deal? Are you clear how to create an engaged and productive workforce, despite the distractions of the transaction? And does your deal team include the right HR expertise to deliver the deal value through people you’re looking for?

How we can help

PwC’s People in Deals specialists work with clients on a full range of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, business restructuring and capital events such as an IPO. We drive value for our clients across the entire transaction cycle:

HR due diligence services

We help you identify HR issues that affect price. We work to establish and understand critical HR and workforce issues early in the transaction, identify their relevance and ensure appropriate protections are built into documentation. We focus on the quality of earnings (income statement) and quality of assets (balance sheet) adjustments that impact the financial proposition underlying the transaction and ensure appropriate protections are built into transaction documentation. We can also provide early insight into culture and other challenges that may pose a threat to realizing value.

Areas of focus include:

  • Executives and equity

  • HR Regulatory issues

  • Employee relations

  • HR Function and processes

  • Deal support

  • Compensation and benefits

  • Workforce

  • Carve-out and synergies

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HR pre-close services

We make sure you’ve got the right people and they’re focused on the right things. We work to identify key strategic HR decisions required based on the nature of the transaction, including leveraging HR due diligence to create a comprehensive project plan that we will manage and execute for each HR functional areas and for cross-functional HR activities. We help you to define your leadership team and organization structure and assess culture and change impact. And we tie financial implications back to the investment model developed in due diligence and manage the budget.

Areas of focus include:

  • Determine synergies

  • Hidden cost of people

  • Transfer of employees

  • Benefits, incentive and payroll

  • Organizational design and restructuring

  • Leadership, key employees, and skills

  • Pensions

  • Communication

  • Culture

  • Day one planning

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HR post-close services

We focus on organizational values to reflect your purpose, mission, and vision. We work to deliver a targeted HR solution to ensure a smooth Day One and achieve deal goals. We support you across the harmonized HR strategy and organizational structure, HR technology, processes and infrastructure, policy, design/harmonization, workforce onboarding, culture-led transformation, stakeholder engagement, and communications workstreams.

Revising organizational values to reflect values, mission and vision:

  • Culture-led change

  • Reward and performance optimization

  • Stakeholder engagement and communications

  • Organization workforce and talent

  • HR transformation, technology, data and analytics

  • Industrial and employee relations

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Leading the pack

ALM Intelligence, a leading analyst firm in the HR consulting market, has judged PwC to be a Vanguard firm—among those with the broadest and deepest capabilities in the market.* 

PwC has a long history of helping clients create the value they’re looking for by helping to solve their most important people and organizational challenges. That's why ALM Intelligence has ranked PwC in their Vanguard in 15 marketplace studies since 2015, positioning us as a market leader in human capital services. We bring together an unmatched combination of industry, business, strategy, talent, HR, analytics and technology expertise. Our broad range of human capital offerings are among the leading consulting services in the world. That means you get the right team with the right skills and experience to help you deliver the value you’re looking for—from people strategy through to organizational execution. 

*Source: ALM I​​ntelligence (formerly Kennedy), (c) ALM Media, LLC. Reproduced under license 

PwC rated as a Vanguard Leader by ALM Intelligence in HR Consulting in Corporate Transaction 

In their comments on the rankings, ALM said: “PwC stands out as the largest and most globally sophisticated practice for HR consulting in transactions. People in Deals operates as a global practice with centres of excellence in seven countries and more in development. Its approach ensures HR value is driven at each stage of a transaction; the firm has an unmatched ability to quickly mobilize large numbers of dedicated HR due diligence specialists for complex, global transactions, a true differentiator given the trend toward shorter due diligence time frames.” 

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