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If HR gets involved when it's time to hire, it's probably too late.

Over the next few years, your organization will change a lot. Maybe you'll close a large facility and open three more. You could introduce a new product supported by a customer service team in an emerging market. Or you might switch your hourly retail employees to salaried positions as part of a new consultative sales program. Each move would have real implications for HR, the workforce and the business. To make sure changes like these are successful, you need to have the right people, with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price.  Do you have a coordinated plan for the future in place?

People planning lets you predict what you'll need — and get what you don’t have.

Workforce planning is a process that aligns HR programs — all of them — with business objectives. So you can accomplish strategic goals with minimal risk. We begin with the end in mind. In a few years you'll have 100 new stores? Terrific. Where do you need to be in one year to make that happen? What will you need to do next quarter to make that happen? You know where you want to go; are you minimizing risk to your key inputs so you'll get there? Workforce planning gives you tactical plans to reach your goals.

Your workforce needs are constantly changing. Are proactively managing that change?

Most HR teams try to support business results by offering programs for performance management, rewards, development, talent acquisition efforts and leadership development. So the components are out there. But they’d be much more powerful as part of a coordinated effort.

We start with agreement on your desired end state, and the competencies you'll need. Then we build models that predict supply and demand for the skills: what will attrition and hiring look like? Will training programs affect the supply? We help you develop and implement plans to close any gaps. And because we believe in evidence-based HR, we continually monitor the results and look for improvements. Finally, we refine the predictions to keep them in line with the updated strategic vision. So you'll have the right people and skills, at the right place and time, for the right cost.

Our People Planning services are part of a bigger picture.

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Our Workforce Planning services complement other PwC talent analytics and predictive services programs by extracting insights from your HR Big Data. We use advanced statistical techniques to find the hidden patterns, so you can anticipate rather than react. From surveys and benchmarking to predictive services and people analytics strategy, we help our clients make fact-based decisions about human capital, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and entire organizations.


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