Culture surveys and assessment

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Is your organization’s culture propelling you toward success, or holding you back?

Your organization’s culture is the current carrying your people forward, and every company has one. But is your culture strategically aligned to your vision and goals? Does it enhance or detract from the mission, performance, and business outcomes? If you’re not sure, you’re not alone.

Clarity. Purpose. Action.

Before you can make a positive impact on your organization’s culture, you need to understand it.

Organizations that are intentional about developing their culture develop a strong set of values that drive together towards success.

PwC’s Culture surveys & assessments will identify the unique aspects of your organization’s culture, offering clarity of what you’re culture is – both the positive and negative. And we go beyond helping you understand your cultural identity. Our assessments incorporate the organization’s vision, mission and goals into our analysis to identify the gaps between where you are, and where you want to be.

Our Culture program provides actionable next steps, driving real business outcomes. By strategically aligning your culture to what drives performance and positive business outcomes, we provide you with actionable next steps to enhance your culture and address barriers to a high performance culture. Combined with our leading practices and vast experience with other organizations like yours, we help you achieve your goals.


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