Strategy, roadmap, and delivery model

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You know what you want to do. Let’s plan a way to get it done.

People Analytics is slowly becoming an integral part of every organization. As HR earns a seat at the table, people analytics is part of every HR leader’s strategy and agenda. So, where do you start and embark on the people analytics journey?

Building a People Analytics roadmap: from strategy to execution to capability

The requirement may span from building operational reports to predictive analytics. We serve organizations with an approach and strategy that focuses on the WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHEN & HOW? Our proven methodologies have enabled organizations to build a roadmap and prioritize their people analytics efforts. Our roadmap methodology ranges from assessing your current state landscape to future state visioning to helping you decide on build vs. buy to adopting an effective analytics operating model to building a business case for people analytics, accompanied with a mobilization plan.

Our People Analytics services are part of a bigger picture.

People Analytics services are PwC's capstone offering, helping you successfully embark on the analytics journey and build an in-house, people analytics function. From surveys and benchmarking to predictive services and strategy, we help our clients make fact-based decisions, creating meaningful change for employees, teams, and organizations.


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