Assessing the HR function

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How do you really know if you have a leading HR function?

We all like to think that our teams are above average. But when you are committed to excellence, you want to know where you stand. We’ve spent years compiling data on measuring HR functions and teams around the world. Our HR Assessment program gives you an objective view into your HR team's performance, so you know what's working — and what's not.

Get an objective view of your HR functions performance.

Assess and analyze your HR function based on leading practices.

We can help assess how you are performing. We have an assessment program that can show you how you perform against your peer group on dozens of metrics including comparison to the external view.

HR Assessment: Quantitative Benchmarking
How does your HR function cost and size compare against your peer group? How do you measure the value delivered by the HR function? Leveraging the PwC Saratoga database, we conduct a rigorous quantitative analysis of HR costs, resources and workforce outcomes. There are over 65 metrics that we evaluate globally, and then define a customized peer group to compare you against.

HR Assessment: Performance Surveys
Do your customers and employees ‘perceive the value’ delivered by the HR function? Our performance surveys give you specific insight into the perception and value of the HR function, from talent management to compliance. The surveys provide objective confirmation on what internal customers care about, and how they can shape HR investment decisions.

HR Assessment: Activity Analysis
Does your HR structure align with your HR strategy? Is the team spending time and money on the right activities? Are the right people focused on the right tasks? Our HR activity analysis provides an objective review of how your HR function spends its time, with insights on becoming more effective.

HR Assessment: Executive Interviews
What does leadership think about the HR function? Do you know what your leaders really want? Organizations use our structured executive interview process to obtain qualitative context to the quantitative insights from benchmarking, activity analysis and performance surveys.

Our HR Benchmarking Programs are part of a bigger picture.

Our membership and industry programs complement other PwC Saratoga Benchmarking initiatives — including assessment of human resources groups and customized projects in helping you measure the competitiveness of your organization's human capital. This reflects our broader mission: Giving organizations proven methods and tools — like surveys, benchmarking, predictive services, and people analytics strategies – that let them make fact-based human capital and workforce decisions.


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