Internal survey governance and control

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You ask a lot of questions. Are you getting the most out of the answers?

Ineffective survey governance and management minimizes your analytical potential, while potentially confusing employees

We tend to ask a lot of our employees, literally. We ask them about their preferences, attitudes, frustrations, skills, interests, and goals. We inquire about their performance and the performance of others. As a leading provider of benchmarking and workforce surveys, we are passionate about getting the most out of the data collected from and about your workforce. But we also know that employees can suffer "survey fatigue" from poorly administered questionnaires, and that this can devalue the surveys that matter most. And surveys that are collected in haphazard ways lose out on the tremendous potential offered by people analytics.

A survey governance program can change the way you think about how you manage surveys across your organization.

Data-driven decisions matter most. So when we set out to collect information, we apply rigorous standards to the way we ask questions, track responses, normalize data types, and store and analyze results. This consistency is helping us reshape the future of human capital analytics, so organizations can manage HR "Big Data" with the same rigor as their operational and financial records. As organizations create listening posts to capture the employee experience, a common infrastructure and linked surveys allow for early warning signals that help develop preemptive programs that mitigate unwanted departures and/or missed business objectives.

When you make your data work harder, imagine what you might learn.

Our program can help you bring this consistency to all the information you collect from and about your employees, prospects, and customers. We bring a “leading practices” approach to queries and data collection so you can get benefit out of virtually any survey long after it has been administered. Using our technology hub, your employees can create ad hoc queries or formal data analysis programs. A dedicated representative helps your teams standardize inputs, establish benchmarks, and compile trending information. We show you how to get the most out of any query activity, with project plans, communications templates, a library of standardized questions, links to publicly available information and proprietary benchmarks, and more. And our easy-to-use survey platform lets any level of user administer confidential surveys, with advanced, ad hoc reporting, and a straightforward user design.

When you link together a common survey technology, project management approach, questionnaire content, employee demographic records, hierarchy, and reporting information, even minor surveys can suddenly become part of a broader analytical system. This lets you turn data into insight, and insight into action.

Our program is part of a bigger picture.

Our program is designed to complement all of PwC Saratoga's survey offerings, as well as in-house surveys and those from outside vendors. By establishing benchmarks and leading practices around everything from program communications to technology, organizations get the most value out of their survey programs. This reflects our broader mission: enabling our clients to make fact-based human capital decisions. From surveys and benchmarking to predictive services and people analytics strategy, we help our clients use data more effectively. To create meaningful change.


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