Employee financial health surveys

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Could your employees use a financial health "check-up?" It could help them; and you.

Like physical health, personal financial fitness is an important aspect of overall wellbeing. Employees with financial stress can miss work, be less productive and add greater risk to your organization. Organizations may offer their employees a variety of valuable benefit programs, but many employees fail to make the best use of these programs because they lack the knowledge to make good choices.

Your employees have a lot on their minds besides work.

With debt, budgeting, retirement, investing, planning for the unexpected, and the financial consequences of other life events, it's not surprising that some employees struggle with the burden. We can help ease your employees' minds by giving them real-world tools to use.

Employee Financial Health Surveys provide employers insight on where to invest in programs to improve the financial health of their employees.

Maybe it's time to ask if your benefits, education, and assistance programs are as effective as they might be in addressing and preventing employee financial issues.

We can help you do it. We've brought together our deep experience in measuring and benchmarking human capital with PwC's award-winning Financial Education Practice. The result is these unique tools:

  • Financial Fitness Assessment focuses on overall financial wellness, covering topics such as retirement, education, investments, insurance, estate planning, and credit/debt management.
  • Retirement Readiness Assessment increases specific awareness around the choices facing those close to retirement, and it can help those further from retirement create a road map for the future.

We'll work with you to develop a customized communication and marketing program. After taking a brief assessment via a secured site, employees will get instant feedback, followed by a personalized results report. We'll review the key findings with you, and we'll jointly identify education opportunities that will make the greatest difference for your employees. They'll benefit from our personalized approach, matching specific solutions to individual needs. And you'll gain valuable insight into specific financial needs of your employee groups, so your HR professionals can make fact-based decisions about financial education programs, benefits, communication, and human capital management strategies.


We would love to learn more about you—and learn how we might be able to help. Take the next step: click here to start a conversation.

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