Employee Engagement Surveys

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Engaged employees can give you better financial and operational results

We all agree: employees who are engaged get more done than employees who aren’t. So, evaluating employee engagement has real bottom-line implications. Asking the right questions is a good first step, but we don't stop there.

We cut through the noise

At PwC, we've developed an Employee Engagement Index to monitor the attitudes and behaviors that matter most. We measure commitment, pride, involvement, effort, and other indicators that show if your teams are aligned with the goals and values of your organization.

Engaging all employees is important but engaging key employees will drive greater business outcomes.

We start with a planning process that’s tailored to your environment. We create meaningful segments in the workforce to find what matters to specific groups and the depth of commitment to your mission. We emphasize clear communication, flexible survey delivery, and cutting edge technology to find out what employees are really thinking. Our results go beyond basic demographics; they identify real drivers of behavior. And we use text analytics to go even deeper, so you can quickly make sense of thousands of comments to spot hidden areas for improvement.

Ultimately, though, understanding and improving employee engagement goes beyond a questionnaire and a report. Companies work with PwC year after year because we help them cut through the noise, providing insight that matters. We analyze the results and suggest specific actions that lead our clients to targeted business outcomes.


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