Competency modeling

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Competency Modeling: a modern tool to match the right person to the right job.

Human resources managers often look to competency models to explain what average or superior performance looks like in a particular job or organization. But the attributes that make a person successful in a given role or company don't always lead to success in a different environment. For competency models to accurately predict future performance, they have to reflect the unique characteristics and values of the organizations where they’re used.

We draw on our experience to create models that are as unique as your organization.

Most of us accept the value of competency modeling in helping to define and drive performance. But there’s less agreement about what makes a good model. Some might ask, "Why spend time and energy to develop and define work competencies? Aren’t they pretty much the same across companies?"

Developing effective competency modeling is more art than science.

It’s true, competencies such as "Effective Communications" are universal in nature. But at the same time, every organization has competencies that are totally unique, and just as crucial to their success. That’s why we believe in a "4C" approach to competency models. They should create:

  • Clarity about what is required for success, for the individual and for the organization
  • Consistency in how performance is measured and evaluated
  • Connectedness by tying individual performance to the organization’s mission, goals and values
  • Continuity in the messages being conveyed by each stage of the talent management process

We've developed competency models for a wide range of jobs, functions, and organizations. We know how to get to the heart of your organization's unique culture and needs, with help from our extensive database of competencies and behavioral descriptions. To support your performance evaluation process, we can help you clarify the competencies and behaviors, to draw the distinctions between subpar, proficient and outstanding performance. And we help you define career paths for your employees, providing them with a development road map by showing how expectations change as individuals move through the ranks. If your organization already has adopted a set of competencies, we can work with you to make them even more meaningful and useful by embedding them throughout the talent management process.

Our Competency Modeling service is part of a bigger picture.

Our competency modeling services complement other PwC talent programs—including talent assessments and 360° feedback—by helping you better understand and manage your organization's individuals and their skills. And our Talent Analytics and Predictive Services programs help you think about the way you hire, deploy and compensate your staff. So you can make data-driven decisions.


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