People analytics capability development

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The need to expand people analytics capabilities is becoming more urgent. However, organizations are still struggling with the ability to extract useful, accurate information from voluminous enterprise data and are asking the following important questions:

  • Where do we start on the people analytics journey?
  • What do we do with the volumes of data sitting in disparate HR systems?
  • How do we use the different technologies as an enabler?
  • How do we elevate our current enterprise business intelligence and reporting?
  • How do we build a sustainable organization and staffing structure to drive people analytics across the Organization?

PwC has developed a path that organizations can take in their efforts to create a world-class people analytics capability, regardless of the maturity of their analytical efforts today. Technology is one dimension of this approach and should be used as an enabler. Our process oriented, technology agnostic approach recognizes five other critical enablers that are necessary to build a recognized analytics capability that can scale: people, processes, technology, data, and governance. Building your organization's maturity in each of these areas, accelerated by outside help along the way, can help you unlock value across your organization.

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