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The Saratoga Institute developed the first set of HR metrics nearly 40 years ago and we’ve been setting the standard ever since. We’ve built up the world's most robust database of human resources metrics, with meaningful comparisons to thousands of organizations around the world. We can show you exactly where you measure up against your competition, and where you can improve.

Benchmarking lays the foundation for People Analytics

Our global metrics and benchmarking database covers industry sectors worldwide with more than 300 metrics relating to workforce productivity, span of control, succession, recruiting costs and efficiency, quality of hire, labor costs, turnover, diversity, human resource department cost, and organizational structures.

Clients access our benchmarks through an online data entry and reporting platform and have access to our robust metric and data element definitions and standards at their fingertips. Our premium memberships include custom peer groups and onsite workshops covering advanced people analytics. We offer advisory services to benchmark and assess efficiency of HR functions, and the effectiveness of their outcomes. We offer custom benchmarking services where we guide client organizations through design and implementation phases of any benchmarking. Every benchmarking program we offer has one goal in common: helping you benchmark your workforce outcomes.

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