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You may not be able to hire your ideal People Analytics resource. Yet.

People Analytics sits at the center of a capability intersection. At the intersection of Human Resources, Information Technology, Analytics, and Statistics — a combination of competencies that is still fairly rare. An HR Analytics Manager and Business Partner might be responsible for data analysis, management reporting, quality assurance of data sets, working with subject matter professionals across the HR team, and more. Ideally, they would have experience with HRIS systems and dashboard and query tools. And the person with this particular background whose personality also meshes well with your culture? Today, they might not exist.

Whether you are "buying, renting, or building" talent, we can help you develop the team you want.

People Analytics is a relatively new discipline, and it may not be easy to find the right candidate with the right combination of process and technical background, intellectual curiosity, and analytical acumen. The first step is knowing what you really need. Those needs are shaped by your particular environment: build or buy. Our team can help you understand the tradeoffs of addressing each need and then work with you to define a skills and competency model that fits your organization. Then you’ll know exactly who and what skills to look for, and how will they adopt analytics.

We help organizations build an effective analytics governance and structure. We've served as coaches and trainers for a variety of organizations building their in-house People Analytics teams.

Our Analytics Training & Adoption services are part of a bigger picture.

A properly trained workforce is critical to individual performance, productivity and, ultimately, organizational success. That’s why PwC Saratoga has put together a comprehensive selection of training for HR professionals and Managers that aim to elevate their professional and personal development in the area of people analytics. All courses can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Each course has been designed to include a combination of lecture and interactive course work for an optimal learning experience.

Our Analytics Training & Adoption services can help you create tomorrow's analytics team.

Our Analytics Training & Adoption advisory services complement other PwC people analytics programs by getting you even more prepared to extract insights and make the most of data from your analytics programs.

A sampling of courses include:

Metrics and Dashboard Principles
This course is focused on providing a foundational overview to developing effective dashboards.  Participants work through questions such as "how do we select the right metrics for our organization?", "how do we tell a story with the data we have?” or "is our dashboard effective?"

Taking Action From My Dashboard
This course is focused on developing, communicating and driving action plans from dashboard results.  This course can leverage your organization's existing dashboard or case studies can be substituted.  This is a great course for business partners and generalists who are looking to increase their utilization of dashboards and metrics within the businesses they support.

Developing a Strategic Workforce Plan
This course is focused on providing a foundational overview of strategic workforce planning.  Participants work through exercises that have them think through how to get started, what roles are optimal for workforce planning, and how to effectively create a workforce plan model that can help effectively plan for talent needs of the future

Predictive Analytics
This introductory course provides participants with an overview of predictive analytics - e.g., developing a hypothesis, identifying data that will be required, and how to build a predictive model. Exercises and case studies are focused on predicting flight risk. 

Cost of Turnover Modeling
This workshop helps participants build a simple and effective model to quantify the cost of turnover for a selected pivotal role. Stakeholders work through a variety of exercises to identify and calculate the financial impact of the losing talent.


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