Trends in HR effectiveness

Assessing HR and key sub-functions, with excerpts from 2017 PwC Saratoga® US benchmarks


Last year, we identified that HR had done a good job of managing its budget, but was not improving impact to the business or employees. Based on results from our current annual PwC Saratoga US Human Capital Effectiveness Report, HR continues to succeed at controlling operational costs, and has begun making improvements to influence business results. 

However, it’s time for HR to focus more on employee impact. Furthermore, the function is not fully positioned to address several key workforce trends affecting employees, such as the rise of the “Gig Economy” and an increased focus on diversity and inclusion. 

To advance our analysis, we also explore HR sub-functions as part of the specific opportunities to improve the ability for the HR function as a whole to deliver more value.

Webcast: Trends in HR effectiveness

Areas of focus for this webcast included: 

  • How to evaluate business impact, employee impact, and ability to operate as a business with PwC’s People Analytics’ three-pronged assessment of HR.
  • Key issues impacting HR effectiveness within rewards, deals, and recruiting sub-functions - and applying our HR assessment model to these sub-functions.
  • Results from the most recent PwC Saratoga US benchmarking study.

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