Rethinking HR for the future of work - With excerpts from 2018 Saratoga® US benchmarks

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HR as we know it is being disrupted

In addition to traditional pressures mounting for HR, it will be incumbent upon HR to address challenges associated with the Workforce of the Future, requiring HR to address new domains and employ new ways of thinking. There are six primary challenges to be addressed: workforce strategy, workforce performance and experience, workforce environment, workforce risk, diversity and inclusion, and learning strategies.

Rethinking HR

Challenges to Address

Workforce strategy

A new plan for how work gets done

More than ever before, there continue to be opportunities to consider who does work and the strategy of how work gets done. Decisions on workforce strategy need to incorporate a wide set of factors and trends across society, technology, demography. They should also address the tax, legal and regulatory implications. The need to properly plan for the short-, mid- and long-term is greater than ever.

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Workforce performance and experience

Redesigning the employee’s experience at work

Companies need to expand their concepts of what they deliver to the employee — a job, a career and a paycheck are no longer enough. Companies need to consider the experience that they are delivering and whether that experience is consistent with the employee value proposition and external brand.

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Workforce environment

Rethinking the work environment, from physical to virtual

Modern work environments balance space, both physically and virtually. It’s more than foosball tables, free food, and working from home. Workplace strategy represents another domain that is often outside the realm of consideration for the traditional HR department. Considering the cost of real estate, the opportunity to rethink the environment while improving outcomes and costs is imperative.

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Workforce risk

Stakes climb for workforce risks

Business leadership, boards and stakeholders are increasingly looking to understand the risks inherent in the workforce. Greater transparency to the risks is being expected around the globe. Social media is placing ‘radical transparency’ on a wide variety of risks.


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Diversity and inclusion

Rethinking processes that impact diversity and inclusion

As organizations continue their journeys with Diversity and Inclusion, HR is recognizing the need to move beyond simple counts and ratios as a barometer of success. Progress is being made in the percentage of diverse employees and promotion rates for females. But to achieve long-standing and culture-changing results, HR needs to creating real equity and opportunities for all employees regardless of their background.

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Learning strategies

Upskilling and reskilling for tomorrow’s jobs

How do organizations most effectively fit today’s workers into tomorrow’s business? With the adoption of Artificial Intelligence and other digital advancements, with mandates for new leadership models, and with new ways to get work done, most organizations will need to address how to upskill and reskill their current workforce. And the need to train is further pushed forward by retirement, which is putting pressure on future leadership and training programs.

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Preparing for the workforce of the future

The May 15, 2018 archived webcast on the latest Saratoga benchmark results. Areas of focus for this webcast include:

  • Reviewing our model for evaluating business impact, employee impact, and ability to operate as a business with PwC’s People Analytics’ three-pronged assessment of HR
  • Discussing issues affecting the Workforce of the Future and rethinking workforce strategy, workforce performance and experience, workforce environment, workforce risk, diversity and inclusion, and learning strategies
  • Examining the results from the most recent PwC Saratoga US benchmarking study, including our ‘Next Gen’ new metrics

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