Trends in HR Effectiveness

November 2016

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Given the cost-centric focus of assessments, it's not surprising that our research shows that HR in the United States is doing a fine job of managing its budget, but a less than stellar job of delivering value to the business and its employees.

Our findings are based on the trended results from our annual Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Report. PwC is a pioneer in collecting and analyzing people management business data, with Saratoga benchmarking a leading source of HR data for more than 30 years and studies representing more than 20 countries. The report focuses on the benchmarks for more than 250 dimensions of people management, based on data collected from more than 440 of Saratoga’s US members in January and February of 2016.

If we don’t properly focus on the return here, we will shortchange the impact these investments make. 

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