The Essential Eight technologies Board byte: drones

What should corporate boards know about drones?

Is your company planning to invest in drones? As the market for drones and drone services grows, your board should understand any opportunities this technology may present for the company's strategy.

What board directors should know about drones
Four trends in drone technology_PwC

As drones start working with other technologies – and other drones – more opportunities will develop. 

Using drones and 3D modeling software can help road and railway operators in the design phase. Together, these technologies can provide precise geospatial data, limiting the need to readjust plans and designs and, ultimately, lowering costs.

Questions boards can ask management about drones

What should boards discuss with management about how drones might be a strategic fit? Here are some questions boards can ask:

  • Can we use drones in any part of our business to replace expensive, time- and labor-intensive tasks, particularly those that are hazardous? 
  • Have we thought about how we could use drones to collect data and what we might do with that data?
  • How might drones fit with other emerging technologies we are investing in? 
  • Have we assessed the related risks of drones, particularly the legal and regulatory aspects?

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