Board composition – Key trends and developments

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Many investors and other stakeholders want more information about a company’s director nominees, especially information boards and their nominating and governance committees are considering regarding director tenure, board diversity and the results of board self-evaluations. All of this is occurring within an environment of shareholder activism.

Is there diversity on S&P 500 boards?

Three ways to drive board refreshment

  1. Take action on board assessments: It’s the job of the board chair or lead director and the chair of the nominating governance committee to address matters that arise from the board assessment process.
  2. Take a strategic approach to board succession planning: Boards should identify possible director candidates based on anticipated turnover and director retirements.
  3. Broaden the definition of diversity and the pool of potential director candidates: Forward-looking boards expand the universe of potential qualified candidates by looking outside of the C-suite, and considering investor recommendations.

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