Third-party compliance

Manage risk and benefit from third-party relationships

Third parties account for 80% of compliance risk

Your vendors and business partners carry your reputation throughout the world. But how deeply do you know their reputations and web of relationships? Are there hidden touchpoints to government or organized crime that could trip you up? Regulatory minefields in distant markets you aren’t aware of?

No matter how focused you are on compliance, every ecosystem has its blind spots and weak links. Regulators know this, and have spotlighted third parties as a key corruption threat. Even small transactions can spark an enforcement action, under FCPA and other statutes.

How we can help

PwC can help you manage these critical relationships at every stage — with vendor due diligence, training, contracting and payment best practices. And, if things go wrong and you find yourself under the glare of a government examination or litigation, we can help you respond appropriately, connect the dots, conduct a credible, thorough investigation and remediate as needed.

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