Securities litigation

Solving the forensic puzzle and defending against legal action

Issuers registered on public exchanges in the United States are subject to SEC laws and regulations. Each year, some will face inquiries about alleged financial fraud. Allegations usually point to misleading financial statements, accounting irregularities, intentional violations of GAAP and false or inaccurate disclosures in periodic public filings. Meanwhile, securities regulators and law enforcement agencies worldwide have stepped up coordination in identifying red flags. The ideal response to allegations of malfeasance weighs all financial and economic options to best define and solve the forensic puzzle at hand.

A multifaceted defense

Avoiding securities litigation or achieving the best outcome requires a multifaceted approach. PwC provides forensic accounting, litigation consulting and remediation advisory services to identify the root causes of problems and quantify their effects. We gather, correlate, interpret and evaluate accounting, financial and economic data to help your business refute allegations and plan informed and effective next steps. To this end, the ability to provide competent answers to legal counsel, clients, courts, investors and the SEC is paramount.

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