How data analytics can help promote alignment between your internal audit and compliance functions

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February 2017


The responsibilities of Compliance and Internal Audit go hand in hand. Both operate on the front lines of managing risk (albeit from separate angles), and both are under pressure from globalization, intensifying regulations and data overload.

Smart companies are pulling these two functions out of their silos and using data analytics strategically to connect the dots — and realize synergies, cost savings and better outcomes

PwC’s 20th annual Global CEO Survey* found that 64% of CEOs around the world think the way their firm manages data will be a differentiating factor in the future. And more than half say technology will have a significant impact on the nature of competition in their industry over the next five years - a significant jump over the prior year.

* PwC’s 20th Annual Global CEO Survey. PwC, 2017

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