General Service Administration (GSA) transactional data reporting refresh

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April 2018


In late 2017, the General Service Administration (GSA) announced several major changes in a refresh of the Transactional Data Reporting (TDR) pilot program, the most significant of which now makes participation in the pilot voluntary. 

For companies that are new to the schedule program and those renewing existing contracts on the eight designated pilot schedules and SINs, TDR is now voluntary. Previously, all companies contracting on the pilot schedules and SINs were required to participate upon renewal or initiation of a new contract. 

One-time opportunity to opt out

The GSA is offering a one-time opportunity to opt out of the TDR pilot program. The opt-out is available to all contractors that were initially required to participate in TDR. Those contractors that voluntarily accepted TDR Implementation Mass Mod (A509) are still required to remain in the program.

Opt into TDR

  • Consider the effects of TDR requirements on administrative burdens, resource needs, and current compliance structure
  • Ease or difficulty in transferring data into the GSA’s spreadsheet template and TDR portal
  • Unique pricing practices that may result in skewed pricing (e.g., customer satisfaction, warranties, quantity discounts)
  • How your competitor’s transactional data becoming public may impact your Schedule pricing

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Opt out of TDR

  • Contractor must return to Commercial Sales Practices (CSP) and Pride Reduction Clause (PRC) monitoring
  • Contractors must be able to timely provide:
    • Updated CSP disclosure
    • Current pricelist
    • Other information identified by the CO
  • Must continue to complete monthly TDR reports and IFF remittances for period in which opt-out modification was signed

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How PwC can help

Our Government Contract professionals have assisted GSA contractors across multiple industries in navigating complex challenges and opportunities brought by changes to contracting rules. In the case of TDR pilot program changes, our team will help contractors perform an assessment to determine which course of action -- remain out, opt in, or opt out – is best-suited for their organization. We are capable of directly participating in your company’s response to these changes and can provide strategic, accounting, compliance, and technological advice and expertise.

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