Digital Forensics and eDiscovery

Transforming information into intelligence

When you need to provide the who, what and when in investigations and other complex, high-risk situations, PwC can help. We use forensic technologies and AI-driven analytical techniques to analyze your information and provide you with the answers you need.


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At PwC, we thrive on solving complex eDiscovery problems: we offer a powerful global network to help you find the truth behind technology.

At the intersection of data and investigations

You know the world grows more complex, data-saturated and multipolar by the minute, with fraud, corruption, regulations and enforcement all growing. At the same time, your organization’s critical information is exchanged and stored in increasingly decentralized ways—from computers and servers to mobile devices, cloud storage and the internet of things (IoT).

This explosion of data creates significant risks. So ask yourself: when critical issues arise—and time is of the essence—could you quickly collect and analyze your current and historical data to resolve the situation?

We understand. We’re here to support you, both here and across the globe. Every day PwC’s Digital Forensics and eDiscovery professionals help our clients navigate the legal and business processes mandated by critical events—such as disputes, enforcement matters, cyber breaches, investigations, litigation and whistleblower allegations. We help you plan for and anticipate expectations, draw insight from your data and make informed decisions under pressure. That’s what we mean by clarity and confidence in crisis.

Discovery Managed Services by PwC.

Gain predictable, transparent pricing while removing the risk and costs of building out and supporting in-house infrastructure. Find out more here.

Leveraging global capabilities and technology to provide you with strategic insight



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Dyan Decker

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Philip Upton

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Sarah Nolton

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Brian Fox

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