What if you could turn your fraud problem into an opportunity?

Around the world, fraud is more rampant than ever, and while businesses crack down, those looking to exploit them are getting smarter and smarter. What’s the way out of this spiral?  

Anti-fraud programs have traditionally been reactive, with a focus solely on limiting financial losses. PwC’s Fraud and Economic Crime solution turns that idea on its head. Through focused program assessments, risk analysis, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technologies, we give you the confidence to manage fraud risks, opening a path for your business to operate with confidence, despite the dangerous waters surrounding you.

Working together, we can help you improve fraud loss rates, reduce the “friction” on customers and stakeholders related to your fraud controls, and streamline the operation of your fraud program, all while managing regulatory compliance.

We’ve done the legwork so you don’t have to

We know that fraud risk is often handled by different people, in different departments, in different ways, in different locations, across the company spectrum. Getting a clear, complete picture of your fraud risks can be daunting.

That’s why we developed Risk Command. Risk Command allows you to see across the enterprise from a single dashboard, gaining new perspectives on uncovering risk areas and getting visibility into program and control effectiveness. Not only does it monitor and identify potential threats, the AI capabilities also help you respond and remediate. This allows you to anticipate downstream impact and map out your next move with speed and confidence.


Get visibility into your risk exposures.  Make more informed decisions. Manage fraud risks with PwC's Risk Command.

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Prepare, respond, and emerge stronger

Unlike many financial crimes, fraud is particularly hard to detect – and it’s rampant. Fraudsters are well-versed in how to hide in the shadows, and many organizations don’t discover a fraud attack until it’s too late.

Fraud doesn’t have to destroy your company. Let’s work together to develop a strategic solution so that you can prepare for, respond to and emerge stronger from threats triggered by fraud, economic crime and other misconduct.

Didier Lavion looks at the key themes emerging from this year’s study of global fraud trends—and talks about what they mean for your business.


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