Disputes, claims and controversy

From the boardroom to the courtroom, we’ve got your back

Whatever the nature of your dispute, success is often predicated on the depth and credibility of your data, the power of your analytical work, and the ways both can inform a winning legal strategy.

Are you taking legal action or defending against it?

While no one goes into business or enters into an agreement expecting to become embroiled in a conflict, most organizations will find themselves dealing with a dispute or controversy at some point.

It could be a breach of contract or a major insurance claim. A delay in a capital project or a joint venture setback. Or you could be facing patent litigation, a post-M&A valuation conflict or a securities class action.

You need the insight and judgment of experienced professionals with leading forensic accounting, computer forensics and data mining techniques. You want allies who understand how to interpret books, records and financial documents — and leverage them strategically in a specific business and jurisdictional context.

Our PwC professionals can help you develop a robust resolution strategy, express your position in a compelling manner, and move to resolution as quickly as possible. This means you can get on with what you do best — running your business successfully.


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Learn how we can help your organization resolve disputes, even within a globalized world where unfamiliar and sometimes conflicting judicial systems and cultures add to the complexity.


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PwC and the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation

Take a look at how PwC Forensics is making a difference in the community through our work with the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation.


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