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Crisis preparation, management and response

PwC’s Global Crisis Survey 2019

Crisis Preparedness as the next competitive advantage: Learning from 4,500 crises

In PwC’s first-ever Global Crisis Survey, we heard from 2,084 senior executives in organisations of all sizes, in 25 industries, and across 43 countries — for a total of 4,515 crises analysed overall. What we found out is game-changing.

We’ve used this data as a springboard to reverse-engineer a successful crisis response. We looked at the companies that self-identified as having emerged stronger from their worst crisis – and compared them to those who did not fare as well.

What did these organisations do differently? What crucial preparedness steps did they take that led to their positive outcomes? Can crisis actually be a positive experience… even one that can yield competitive advantage?

Here is what you need to know.


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PwC’s Crisis Preparedness Assessment

95% of executives expect to experience some type of crisis in the future.

  • How will you make sure you are prepared, organized, and ready to tackle crisis head on?
  • How will you protect what’s most important to your organization?

PwC’s Crisis Preparedness Assessment empowers you with the insights needed to enhance your team’s capability to handle crisis.


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Crisis preparedness trends 2019

Nearly 60% of CEOs say they are ‘extremely’ or ‘somewhat' concerned about their readiness to respond to crisis, according to PwC’s latest CEO Survey. With threats evolving, the best defense is a crisis-fit plan. But what does that mean?

Instead of trying to prepare for every possible future scenario, have a strategy for the top three to five threats you need to most worry about today. Then back it up with a crisis playbook, a strategic cross-functional response team and workforce training.

PwC's Crisis Preparedness Assessment

PwC’s Crisis Preparedness Assessment is an interactive, web-based platform that objectively quantifies and benchmarks an organization's crisis preparedness. It leverages PwC’s crisis management framework, built from international standards, leading practices and our client experience, to deliver algorithmic analysis of your existing crisis management program, maturity scoring and benchmarking and recommendation roadmapping.


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Protect your business value: emerge stronger from crises with the support of PwC


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PwC's Digital Claims Administration is backed by years of experience in crisis response and claims programs, and our deep industry knowledge.

PwC’s Digital Claims Administration 

Crises, product recalls, bankruptcy, customer complaints: no business is fully immune to these threats. When claims arise, you need to act quickly—but it can feel like managing a whole new line of business.

PwC’s digital claims management platform consolidates all program-related data in a centralized portal to help you improve claims efficiency, accuracy and transparency.

Are you prepared? Are you ready? We are.

Unplanned events can arise anywhere at any time. Each incident is different: some you know about in advance, some you know could happen one day and others are just impossible to predict.

Our crisis specialists are backed by the power of the global PwC network. We can convene strategists and data analysts. Professionals in fraud, cyber security and investigations. Communications teams and project managers. So, while you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you will know you’ve got the right team by your side.

Build resilience before a crisis hits

Prepare to lead your organization in a crisis. We guide you on how to monitor and identify threats. Using proprietary technology, we help you review, assess and improve your strategy to respond, equipping you with the skills to react effectively.

Build confidence and take control

When a crisis hits, business as usual becomes a thing of the past. Decision-making is often paralyzed by fear of making the wrong call. Even though many organizations end up doing the right things, they can still be disjointed and the big picture can be lost, costing you time, financial capital and public trust. Our Global Crisis Center can help you with a variety of solutions and insights—so you can understand and address the crisis, build confidence with your stakeholders and take control of the situation.

Emerge stronger, sooner and more resilient

The effects of a crisis can be long-lasting. We’ll support you as you recover, helping you to stabilize your operations and adapt to a new ‘business as usual’. So, your recovery becomes an opportunity for growth. We help you create and implement new business strategies, and provide technical and functional expertise as well as short- and long-term project management support. Beyond that, our recovery solutions will help you identify and capitalize on the lessons learned, so you’ll have stronger capabilities for crisis management in the future.

Types of crises we handle



Internal fraud. Accounting and corruption issues. Global economic collapse. Financial crisis can be wide-ranging and severe.

Human capital

Human capital

Your people are the lifeblood of your success. They're also your biggest risk.



Your reputation is fragile. Limit impact by telling the right message, to the right people, at the right time.



War. Famine. Pandemic. We’ll help coordinate the right stakeholders to create a global global response—and minimize the impact.

Technology / IP

Technology and IP

Cyber attacks. Data loss. Espionage. Technology outages. We’ll help you prepare, respond, recover—and grow stronger.



Supply chain issues. Infrastructure failures. Product recalls. Known, unknown or unforeseen, we’re by your side.



Sanctions. Regulatory requirements. Unforeseen legal action. We’ll help you stay updated, avoid surprises and deal with complexity.


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