We help you prepare for, respond to and emerge stronger from unplanned events.

Response rooted in the facts

When the facts really matter. When bad actors threaten your business value. When crisis strikes.

Each client faces a different, unique challenge. We are here to help you get to the heart of the matter as quickly as possible. You need to know what went wrong, set clear priorities and face stakeholders with credible solutions.

We’ve helped others just like you to prepare, respond and emerge stronger from crises and unplanned events. Through an investigative mindset, forensic intelligence and data analytics, we help our clients build resilient strategies and protect what matters most: reputation and value.

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More than half of US organizations report being victim to fraud and financial crime. All too often, fraud is discovered too late.*

When an incident comes to light—a whistleblower claim, asset misappropriation, suspicious transaction, enforcement notice or other irregularity—you must pursue the facts quickly, respond appropriately and remediate effectively. When faced with such extraordinary circumstances, you need to turn to a trusted advisor.

Our trained investigators leverage our collective investigative experience, leading technology tools, global reach and credibility with regulators to bring you insights with precision and speed.

* Source: PwC's Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2018

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Three out of four CEOs expect to experience at least one crisis in the next three years.* And when it strikes, over half are concerned about their readiness to respond.

A crisis can shake a business to its core. But with shock also comes opportunity.

A well-managed response to one incident will cause an organization to develop muscle memory that will help them deal with future crises effectively. So while you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you can trust our team of experts to help you prepare for, respond to and recover from a crisis. So you can confront it, withstand it and emerge stronger.

* Source: PwC's CEO Pulse on Crisis. PwC, 2016

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31% of US organizations report having been asked to pay a bribe in the last 24 months (up from 7% in 2016).* As corruption evolves, businesses try to keep up. The increasingly complex nature of international regulations is becoming more difficult to navigate, and enforcement is on the rise. 

We can help you square the greater risk landscape with the unique complexion of your organization—your footprint, your industry, your third parties—and craft a compliance program that balances risk, reward and resources.

* Source: PwC's Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, 2018

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If you are facing a dispute, claim or controversy, you want an ally who can help you resolve it. It could be a breach of contract or a major insurance claim. A delay in a capital project or a joint venture setback. Or you could be facing litigation, a post-M&A valuation conflict or a securities class action.

Whatever the nature of your dispute, we work together with you and your legal counsel, drawing upon our industry expertise to develop an approach and provide objective guidance to inform a winning legal strategy.

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Fraud and economic crime have hit record highs. Impacts include employee morale, business relations, brand reputation and financial losses reaching millions of dollars. You need to get to the facts, fast.

Whether the investigation is internal in nature or in response to an enforcement action or litigation, successful investigations demand professionals with the right skills and experience. Our teams have first-hand knowledge of the business, cultural, regulatory and threat realities across global markets—and advanced forensic and data capabilities to bring to the task. We can help you identify your compliance blind spots, conduct third-party due diligence, understand government contracting issues and handle investigations matters efficiently and effectively.

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How would you respond if contacted by a government official with a question about export compliance? What steps have you taken to mitigate export compliance and trade sanctions risks from foreign subsidiaries and business partners?

Today’s global business environment carries export controls and trade sanctions risks that can affect many areas of a company’s operations, both at home and abroad. Our core US-based Export Controls and Trade Sanctions team consists of subject matter specialists from government, industry and legal backgrounds with extensive export controls and trade sanctions experience. We bring together the right mix of highly specialized skills and knowledge to meet your specific needs.

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Are you extracting the right value from your intellectual property?

Software, patents and other IP can be tricky to measure, protect and fully leverage. IP contracts require enormous attention to detail at every stage—from strategy and valuation, to negotiation and execution, to compliance and monitoring.

When trust is at stake, objectivity, experience and perspective can make all the difference. We can help you set a custom approach to increase the value of your assets and contractual relationships through IP strategy, IP policy and IP enforcement. Our professionals span the globe, giving you worldwide continuity and established IP industry expertise to deliver the investment results you’re after.

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Through forensic intelligence and data analytics, we provide our clients with the facts and insights they need to make informed decisions, pursue opportunities, protect against threats and react more confidently to difficult situations.

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Today's explosion of data creates significant risks. When critical issues arise—and time is of the essence—could you quickly collect and analyze your current and historical data to resolve the situation?

Every day, we help our clients navigate the legal and business processes mandated by critical events—such as disputes, enforcement matters, investigations, litigation and whistleblower allegations.

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Data is flooding in at alarming rates and can easily be dispersed, misplaced or lost.  We work with you to help you effectively and efficiently find, manage and control your information. Using advanced IG technologies with analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and AI, we'll help you foster compliance with emerging policies and build long-term success.

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Discovery Managed Services by PwC.

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