Digital assets are here to stay. Let’s plan your next move.

Digital assets, such as cryptocurrency or NFTs, and the evolution of web3, AI, and the metaverse are game changers. We’re entering a new era, and now is the time to understand the space and find your opportunities. These are no longer far-fetched ideas—crypto and other digital assets are here to stay.

Each of us can carve out a space in this expansive and growing ecosystem. One that makes sense for your business. And enables you to build trust and drive sustained outcomes. But first, you need to explore the landscape. Get to know the players and the quickly evolving regulatory environment. So you can make the most of what’s ahead.

Be ready to benefit from opportunities, make educated decisions and take bold steps forward with your digital assets strategy. This space is vast. Now is the time to prepare for the future by familiarizing yourself with a growing number of compelling business cases.

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What are digital assets?

Think of the term “digital assets” as a broad container that encompasses anything minted and exchanged on a blockchain. A digital asset is created, or minted, when new information is added to a particular blockchain. Through blockchain entries, users can exchange existing digital assets and/or create new (mint) ones. Digital assets, including cryptocurrencies (crypto assets), stablecoins, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), security tokens, are past “emerging” — they’re here to stay.

Learn more about cryptocurrency and digital assets.

What is PwC’s digital asset practice?

Our community of solvers will come together to help you find unique opportunities in this boundless space. With the insights and capabilities you need to find your position, we can navigate the complexity together and build trust in this evolving landscape.

PwC's digital asset practice has capabilities in enterprise strategy, risk management and controls, cybersecurity, audit and accounting, tax, deals advisory, and regulatory and compliance.

Who are PwC’s digital asset clients?

We service a range of service providers, issuers and investors, such as: crypto exchanges and custodians, payment processors, digital asset banks, traditional financial institutions entering the digital asset space, token issuers (STO, NFTs, etc.), funds (crypto funds, hedge funds, asset managers), and governments, central banks, regulators and other policy makers looking at digital assets.

What services does PwC provide around digital assets?

PwC is the professional services provider of choice globally. We see opportunity where others see challenges. PwC holds a market-leading position supporting clients to benefit from the opportunities in the digital assets marketplace. Our broad client base and range of experience allows us to provide value and relevant perspectives on aspects of your digital assets strategy. We provide services in digital asset strategy, risk management and controls, regulatory and compliance, audit and accounting, cybersecurity, taxes, and deals.

We can help you along your web3 journey. PwC’s community of solvers work to help you navigate this uniquely boundless space. What do digital assets, crypto, and web3 mean to your business? Can blockchain or AI transform your company? What does the metaverse mean for your people? We use our human-led and tech-powered approach and experiences to help you navigate this ecosystem and build the solutions you need to tackle today’s challenges.

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Emmanuelle Rivet

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