Technological disruption and deals

Part of New Deal Frontier: How evolutionary forces are reshaping M&A

All the ways tech could influence the future of M&A

Emerging tech has upended the way we work and live, and consequently it could change how investors evaluate their next M&A deal. Companies may be turning to new tools and platforms to help grow their businesses, but AI, blockchain and other new technologies are continually evolving and have limited history in the market. Industry-wide, they spawn many more questions than answers.

It’s more important than ever to think ahead and form a broader understanding of where these technologies are headed. Here we take a closer look at their potential uses in the market, the challenges they face and where their value could go as investors examine deals through a different lens and consider new opportunities in the years ahead.

Featured insight: How blockchain could upend M&A and other deals 

Imagine partnering with a foreign company run by executives you’ve never actually met, or imagine crowd financing a new film even if it required a big budget? Many investors would shy away from such deals, feeling that the risks were too big or too ambiguous to take on. But given blockchain’s evolution in recent years, we’d be remiss to write off these prospects just yet as they just might be opportunities for a new type of dealmaking. 

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How technology will guide deals

PwC Deals partners explain the different ways in which technological disruption can provide new opportunities at different stages of the M&A process.



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