R&D Integration

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Unlocking product development opportunities in M&A

Managing an R&D organization is both an art and a science with many unique considerations required for integration planning.

While the R&D organization is an important source of value, broader transformational opportunities for new product development should also be evaluated to maximize value.

Identifying, valuing, and pursuing R&D and product development should begin during due diligence and be an integral part of the overall integration roadmap.

Ensuring your future through R&D success

Setting the course for R&D is commonly focused on the following areas and seek to answer key questions:

1. R&D organization structure, people, and facilities
  • How will the R&D organization be structured to support new versus sustaining development?
  • Where will R&D be located, what are the resources, skills, and partners required to deliver the product roadmap?
  • What are the facilities, labs, test equipment, and engineering software required?
2. Product and technology roadmaps
  • What is the lifecycle and extensibility of current and future products and platforms?
  • How will the product portfolio be integrated in the new company?
  • What are the IP, patents, and third party relationships in the R&D organization?
3. Product development execution and opportunities for improvement
  • What is the baseline performance of the R&D organization and what metrics exist to measure delivery success?
  • What is the status and expected value of development projects?
  • What are product margins and quality levels?

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