Results of PwC’s 2017 M&A integration survey

Board members and senior management are increasingly accountable for deal success

Companies increasingly expect their deals to drive transformation and provide a competitive edge in a fast-changing environment. Leadership is critical to making this happen, and with the bar for M&A so high, C-suite executives and even Board members are increasingly accountable for deal success.

The figure to the right shows that 63% of survey respondents in 2016 tie CEO compensation to achievement of M&A goals, up from just 28% in 2010. Surprisingly, the increase in Board member incentives has been just as dramatic, reported by 34% of respondents vs. a mere 5% in 2010. 

Deals do better with dedicated leaders and personnel

While the Board and C-suite may have more skin in the game, that doesn't always translate into coordinated leadership during M&A Integration. As the figure illustrates, surprisingly few respondents have full-time executive sponsors to choreograph activities. The percentages are markedly greater for high performing deals. This isn't a surprise, as our experience shows that dedicated leaders, committed over the long term, are able to sustain focus on deal objectives and synergies.

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