Facilities Integration

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Leveraging facilities for deal success

Successful Facilities integration requires looking beyond the immediate brick-and-mortar concerns of physical plant, geographic location, and the dollarsand-cents that can be saved by rationalizing workplace design and service levels. The timing, communication, and execution of these changes can have a significant impact on critical intangibles like company culture, employee morale, and retention.

Tactical changes in physical and IT access and security impact employee productivity and the preservation of intellectual property. Moreover, decisions to close plants, consolidate R&D, and relocate staff often signal the next steps of the combined company, both to employees and to the broader marketplace.

Some things to remember when integrating facilities functions

Understand what’s in and what’s out. Define the scope of Facilities-related activities by identifying who “owns” them within each company. Matters like insurance, company credit cards, executive security, and employee travel are sometimes handled by other functions such as finance and risk management.

Examine leases early. Immediately inventory all leases and focus on those set to expire within a year or less. Thoughtful planning, renegotiation, termination, and execution of new leases could potentially save millions.

Work with resources in your local markets. Globally dispersed operations require greater dependence on local real estate, legal, and regulatory resources to deliver on your plans.

Don’t overlook cross-functional dependencies between IT and Facilities. Often the line is blurred between IT and Facilities when it comes to the responsibilities associated with moves and new space build-outs. Be sure there is a clear understanding of who is responsible for establishing new contracts with telephone and network service providers, managing the “in the wall” network build, and setting up workspace technology peripherals like phones, printers, and desktop computers.

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