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Evaluating environmental liabilities

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How does your environmental accounting measure up?

Environmental accounting is a challenging proposition:

  • Inherent complexity in the environmental liability reporting
  • Unexpected expenditures and accounting adjustments
  • Focus from regulators
  • Unknown qualitative and quantitative efforts
  • Difficulty of quantifying future economic impacts

While the accounting standards may appear to be clear, interpretation and application of those standards are anything but.

Most common areas of struggle

Organizations struggle with a range of issues when evaluating environmental liabilities, from estimating the duration of OM&M costs to understanding how to offset demolition costs. PwC’s Environmental Accounting Advisory team can untangle these complex regulations by:

  • ensuring robust financial reporting
  • providing full understanding of the impacts of environmental exposures to future earnings or deal value
  • enhancing the quality of audit readiness, liability valuations, and internal controls
  • enhancing the quality of deal negotiations

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