Customer Support Integration

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How customer support impacts mergers and acquisitions

Customer support plays an important customer facing role during M&A Integration and can be leveraged to support critical deal drivers. Customer support integration aligns with the goals of M&A by focusing on a customer’s experience, ensuring no disruption to field service and support operations. Newly combined companies can improve customer satisfaction, drive increased loyalty, and create new opportunities to bolster sales through an effective customer support integration.

Preserving and enhancing the customer experience

Leaders across industries are increasingly focused on satisfying customer demands by delivering new products and services while managing their bottom line. Decision makers will often look to M&A as an opportunity to meet these demands and bolster top line growth.

Go-to-market (GTM) deal functions are traditionally focused on driving revenue creation. Growth in market share and access to new customers are common value drivers of deal success. However, without careful planning and alignment of enabling functions, such as Customer Support, these GTM objectives may be at risk.

While a consistent, top-down enterprise-wide integration process is a key success factor for any M&A integration, it is especially important to minimize disruption or deterioration of the customer experience. A successful integration of Customer Support operations should first and foremost meet existing customer obligations and preserve the experience that customers expect.

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