Divestitures strategy

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Carve a better path to value

It's true that sometimes less is more. As you look for ways to raise capital for growth and innovation, increase your focus on core strategic assets, or improve your bottom-line stability, divesting certain lines of business can bring sharper focus to your overall strategy.  

Are you wondering how to find opportunities in your current portfolio? Have you considered how much value you could generate by carving out separate entities? When exploring new possibilities, two heads can bring better outcomes than one.

The PwC strategy and divestitures teams bring diverse and objective perspectives to crucial questions facing your business. We can help you identify the path to deliver on your strategic goals and map your path forward, so you can move ahead boldly with the right insights at the right time for the right deal.   

We take a holistic approach to developing the right divestiture strategy, with a realistic perspective on what can work. When it comes to opportunities for your business, our data, logic and analytics leave no stone unturned. We bring together our data-driven insights and experience so that you can visualize the options available to you and confidently pick your path.

Strategic portfolio assessment

Keen evaluation is an essential step toward knowing what strategy will provide the best path to value. As part of our comprehensive portfolio assessment process, we'll help you evaluate your entire portfolio against both strategic importance and current performance relative to the industry.

By reviewing and ranking each business on a portfolio map, we can help you understand the competitive position for all lines of business and rank the shareholder value impact of actions for each business. Supplemental lines that don't align with core strategy may deserve a closer look. Spinning off or selling a top performer could deliver a significant capital boost, while divesting a poor performer - even if it doesn't yield much value - could remove the cost of keeping that business.

Even if your company isn't actively considering a deal, this assessment can reveal a potential divestiture opportunity.


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