Debt offerings

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Fuel your future and jump start your next phase of growth 

For organizations looking to jump start their next phase of growth, debt financing can be a good option. However, the windows of opportunity to access the markets open and close quickly, which is why it’s important to have the help of a trusted adviser who can move fast to help you capitalize on opportunities.

As secondary markets have continued to evolve, so have associated reporting requirements and navigating the process can be challenging. It takes careful coordination across all members of your working group and key players.

Whether you’re looking at term loans, asset-based loans, bonds, 2nd liens or mezzanine financing, it’s important to understand the nuances in accounting and reporting requirements to complete financing and post-financing. PwC advises clients in these areas as well as helps you understand the debt covenants and related compliance issues.

Our approach, capability and experience provides our clients with greater clarity and insight throughout their strategic decision making process and gives them the confidence to take action. The end result is helping our clients do the right deal at the right time and enabling a process that shortens the deal timeline and increases the possibility of success.