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Meet the People of Deals - Nathan Barnes

09 May, 2018

A director in PwC Deals, Nate Barnes uses data and analytics to help clients make decisions in the M&A space. He’s also an avid bicyclist who loves music. And once upon a time, he played bass in a punk rock band.

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Data guru

You can call Nate a numbers guy, having studied statistics and econometrics before going to business school. He toyed with the idea of studying for a PhD at one point, but realized he was more interested in solving real business problems than doing research. Nate often helps clients analyze deals by leveraging third-party datasets and other analytical tools to answer a range of questions, whether it be a company’s value or its potential for growth: “I think communication is key. I like to over communicate as much as possible so I know we’re making progress and meeting deadlines with what we’re doing.”

Two-wheelin’ commuter pro

If you’re in Chicago and looking for a commuter buddy, look to Nate – but only if you like to bike to work. He was once an avid runner but an injury a few years ago left him searching for other ways to stay active. So he bought a bike. “I loved it immediately. I started commuting to work on my bike because honestly it was faster than taking the train, and I just love the idea of getting up and getting a bit of a workout in each day.” In the future, he hopes to embark on a bike tour, similar to one he completed from Canada to Mexico one summer between semesters at business school at Brigham Young University.

Outdoorsy by nature

Nate loves being outdoors, whether it’s camping or hiking or being in the mountains. His love of nature, he admits, pales in comparison to his young daughter’s: “She wants to be outside all the time – more so than most other kids. She loves going to the park; she loves going swimming. We do a ton of exploring outside in our neighborhood or at our local park.”

Punk rocker in another life

When Nate speaks to a group of clients or a big crowd, it’s easy to see why it comes naturally to him. During his college days, he was a big fan of the Pixies and sang and played bass guitar in a punk rock band. “We had a ton of fun playing for people – and doing some pretty crazy stuff. I think I’m much more comfortable in front of crowds because of it.” At home, Nate keeps a few guitars and a ukulele around; these days, however, you can say his daughter is his biggest fan. “She’s fascinated by the way instruments make noise.”