Meet the People of Deals - Mallory Boulter

19 April, 2018

Meet Mallory Boulter. She’s a Deals Director who advises clients in navigating the complexities of accounting and reporting matters arising from mergers, acquisitions and other market transactions. She has a passion for long-distance running and philanthropy, which has taken her across the globe.

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Because relationships matter

At PwC, Mallory considers herself not only a problem solver, but also a relationship builder who supports her clients through all the rigors and ambiguities that may arise in a deal. “Building relationships is critical to our business, both when working with our clients and also internally with our teams.” Having empathy has guided her. “For many clients, it’s the first time they’re going through a transaction. Having an understanding of that and building comradery around that goes a long way.”

Giving back

Mallory’s empathy is also evident in her philanthropic work around education and giving back to her community. She has long been active in her local Boys & Girls Club and in 2014, she took advantage of PwC’s flexible vacation and volunteer benefits to spend five weeks in Tanzania, where she volunteered at a daycare center and orphanage. “The love, joy and kindness of the children of Tanzania opened my eyes, expanded my world and changed my heart. That was the beginning of my story.” A year later, she returned to the country and sponsored three children, helping them with food, clothing and schooling. As of today, there are more than ten children in sponsorship.

Over the last four years, Mallory has focused her philanthropic efforts in Tanzania towards helping women create and grow their own businesses through financial contributions and teaching business skills. During her last trip in 2017, Mallory put her problem-solving skills to work and helped set up four women-owned small businesses, including a fruit stand and a small restaurant. She’s hands-on and is inspired by the people she shares critical business skills with. “I believe in partnership and community. We’re a family. Through partnership, sponsorship and education, I have been able to share knowledge and resources and work with women and their families to create lasting change together. We learn from each other while working together to create opportunity, and ultimately, sustainability in supporting this growing community.”

Going the extra mile, literally

When Mallory wants to relax and clear her head, she laces up her running shoes and goes for a jog — something she has done since her college days. “It’s a great way to stay focused. In the Deals group, we travel a lot and the great thing about running is that you just need a pair of shoes and you’re out the door.” Mallory also has a passion for long-distance running; in 2013, she participated in the Chicago Marathon. Not only does she simply enjoy the serenity of a long run, but she also links it back to her philanthropic work and runs for various charities, including World Vision.

Experiencing different cultures

Mallory’s studies and volunteer work have taken her around the globe, spending time in Belize, East Africa, Europe and Australia. She has always been curious about different countries and cultures. Mallory was born and raised in Portsmouth, England, where she returns often to visit relatives, and has retained dual US and UK citizenship. She moved to Seattle in middle school and then studied at Gonzaga University, where she received a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Accounting and a minor in Philosophy. She also spent a year studying abroad at Bond University in Australia, before moving to Boston to pursue her Master’s Degree at Boston College. “I’ve always loved to travel and see other parts of the world. Traveling around the world has gotten me outside my comfort zone and provided me a greater understanding of different cultures.”